Inventory Management Software

Webbooza Inventory is perfect for small to mid-sized businesses looking for a free, easy to use, web-based alternative to overpriced, complex, heavyweight, and inflexible inventory tracking and management applications. It provides you with a unique combination of technology and usability so that you can focus on what matters: your business!


  • Multiple Inventory Locations
  • Stock Alert Levels
  • Returns of Goods from Clients
  • Returns of Goods to Suppliers
  • Tracks Supplier Availability and Lead Times
  • Trace Inventory Changes over Time


  • Get Sales Orders from Clients
  • Send Purchase Orders to Suppliers
  • Prepare Sales Quotes for Clients
  • Contacts Management
  • Shipping Providers
  • Partial Shipping and Receiving
  • Scale on Consignment

FEATURES OF Good Inventory System

  • Well Organized Location Names
  • Location Labels that are easy to read, and unambiguous
  • Unique, Short, and Unmistakable Item Numbers
  • Units of Measure
  • A Good Starting Count
  • Software that tracks all inventory activity
  • Good Policies
  • Most Important: People who know and follow good policies

Manage your inventory and check your supply levels in real-time. Receive optional notifications when specific inventory levels get low.

  • Categorize your items and save default settings for each category
  • Import & Export your inventory
  • Replenish stock with P.O's and use the "weighted averaged cost"
  • Upload 5 high-res photos per item
  • Add items into specific locations
  • Add custom fields (ie. color, size) and choose to display these fields in your estimates/invoices
  • Setup custom units of measure
  • Link items together into packages

Quickly and easily create estimates and invoices based on your real-time inventory data.

  • Automatically reduce available inventory quantities when items are invoiced
  • Convert approved estimates into invoices in just one click
  • Customizable with your company logo, contact info, public notes, and more
  • Email estimates & invoices as PDF's
  • Set estimates to automatically expire after a certain amount of days
  • Generate Packing Lists in one click
  • Log payments, return payments, mark invoices as dispatched

Track Your Purchases. Know When New Stock Will Arrive.

  • Creating purchase orders is fast. Simply choose a location, a supplier, It will present you with a list of items offered by your supplier (based off your inventory list). This ensures you only order items from the correct supplier, and they all get sent to the correct location.
  • Mark a purchase order as "received", and the items from that P.O will automatically be added into your available stock. If the price per unit is different, we'll automatically calculate your "Averaged Weighted Cost" per unit as well as your latest cost per unit.


  • Create Bill of Materials
  • Allocate Components to Work Orders
  • Full/Partial Receipt of Finished Goods
  • Track Work in Process Cost
  • Assign Labor Costs per Work Order
  • Work Order Printouts

In-Depth Control

  • Sophisticated User Permissions
  • Backup and Restore at any Time
  • Full Data Import and Export
  • Drilldown Data Capable
  • Pricing Rules


  • Inbound and Outbound Movements
  • Availability Levels
  • Gross Profit
  • Inventory Value